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The Studio part 2
February 7, 2009, 7:33 pm
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Finally found time in my busy schedule to put up some random pics of our studio.


My Quad mates : Jeff Gabor(Top left), Mike Walling(Top right) and Derek Rozmes(bottom right)



Toys 1



Toys 2



Toys 3



Our neighbor the “Lost Boys”



The Grand Opening with the Governor of Connecticut and Head of Fox Animation



The Sculpting room aka “Fish Bowl”



The Main Entrance



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Beautifully awesome photos!!

Comment by davidbernal

Your quad looks like where fun goes to die.
Why don’t do you do something awesome like the Lost Boys? They look like the really cool ones. You guys look lame-o. If I worked there, there’s no way I’d wanna be in your quad.

Comment by david s

awesome you’re sitting next to Walling. say hi for me! 🙂

Comment by Colin

Thats my shot of horton in the main lobby! ha cool…

Comment by jason

Hi! I happen to have stumbled on your blog thru Bobby Pontillas. The studio looks great! A few weeks back, people from Blue Sky came to Ringling College of Art and Design and gave a presentation and showed us some of these pics and the TreeHouse blog that you guys have. Great stuff! 🙂

-Gabby Zapata

Comment by Gabby Zapata

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