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Our Layla has arrived!!
July 30, 2008, 8:53 pm
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Layla Tan has finally arrived. She was a just a couple of hours late arriving at 7:08am on the 23rd of July weighing 7.2 lbs .. which was big considering Cindy’s and my own physical size.

I could go on about all the stuff we have gone through with her during this past week… .but..ZZzzzzzZZZz…



Summer BBQ!!!
July 13, 2008, 8:38 pm
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It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these .. and so when Nick Bruno invited the rest of the crew in the Anim Dept to his place for a BBQ, Cindy (my wife) and I jumped at it. Also Aaron Halifax ( now in Valve Studios) and family came to visit from Seattle … It has been more then a year since they left and now they have a daughter, Aubrey who’s already 5 months old.

We had a great time eating and getting to know each other and our familys better, outside of work!! I know I did.. ha ha!! Thanks again to Ally and Nick for organizing it. So here are some photos I took there ….sorry I missed some of you guys…my battery was dead by the time some of you came!!  

 Nick and Cindy(by the way she’s pregnant!!)

Ally and Cooper (their dog)

Reagan Halifax and Aubery (daughter)

Ally and Taryn (daughter)

Lluis, Mina(wife), Raymond and wife, Ji-eun (err..i think i got this wrong)

Taryn Bruno and Jen Downs

Megan (Mike Thurmeier’s Daughter)

Taryn and Myself (The first baby i ever held..yes its officially safe for babies to be put in my arms)

Cindy and Taryn (I hope our gal is at least 1/2 as cute as her)

Wes Mandell, Matt Simmons, Aaron Halifax, Gwyne(i think that’s how you spell it)

Mike T. , Katelyn(in his arms) and Heather ,Park and Matt with their son James

The Group 1

The Chickens Cindy’s Mom prepared and I BBQ’ed

The Group 2

The Group 3

errr…. more photos of Ji-eun( i know this is wrong) and Ray

Oh that’s Tom trying to pick Aubrey up and Mina coaxing her

Scott Carroll and his daughter Hannah

Action photos of Hannah

Gwyne and Matt

Jackie 😛

Scott Farroll ( in the white ) Shut up Tom!!

Brian and Lloius

Nick and his pal T.J.

The Group 4

Pete Paquette and Daughter Emma