Melvin Tan

Just Some Doodles…
April 18, 2008, 10:36 pm
Filed under: Art Stuff, Bluesky Studios

Just some sketches I drew when surfing the web and was bored. The first 3 are some Indiana Jones inspired stuff.


These 2 are some attempts at caricaturing Aaron Hartline (one of our supervising animators) … who sadly will be leaving Bluesky. I always seem to draw him really “Evil” and “Gnarley” for some reason. Don’t be mistaken he’s actually quite the opposite .. being really nice and pleasant actually. Anywhos.. I hope he doesn’t take it to heart!! Heh heh! ALL the BEST to you Mr. Hartline.. you will be missed!!


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Nice work! Good to see your stuff online! How’s it going?

Comment by Jean-Denis Haas

Thanks Jean-Denis, I am doing pretty good here. Things are pretty slow now with Ice Age 3 and a Short for the Horton DVD.However my wife is expecting soon …… so will be getting even busier than usual by end of July.

Comment by mtan77

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